Virtual Classrooms and MOOC Recording

Infrastructure and Operations of E-Learning and Distance Training for Institutes, Universities and Business Schools

Nowadays online education is booming, it is no longer necessary to go to the classroom to learn. So many teachers, tutors or other professionals in education who want to teach their classes through the Internet need to have the appropriate facilities, infrastructure and software to create virtual classroom spaces that convey an immersive learning experience.

Grabación en sus Instalaciones

Recording in your Facilities or Class Offices, Presentations for publication in E-Learning format

We move to your facilities or offices with the equipment and technical staff necessary to record your classes, presentations or pitches with the best quality, taking our recording equipment, sound and lighting together with equipment specifically for these recordings, such as Teleprompters and microphones for voice recording.

Estudios de Televisión para Aulas Virtuales

Studio Rental for Video Recording

If you do not have in your offices fixed space allocated for recording and transmission, we put at your disposal in different cities of the geography the video recording studios to register your classes and presentations with the highest quality of video and then they can be published and distributed to your audience.

Sitio de Membresía

Installation and Configuration of Membership Sites Monetization Websites

Our years of experience in technology projects and website optimization, make us the best option to integrate your e-learning training project with content monetization. We are experts in platforms like WordPress and Moodle, which offer very secure and stable Open Source solutions that are supported and are the new standards in the industry.

Estudios de Chroma en Empresas

Engineering Projects for the Installation of Television Studies for Virtual Classrooms

We carry out audiovisual projects engineering to find the best solution for your educational institution, incorporating the current technologies that offer the opportunity to transform education into a more participating and far-reaching process. We use technologies like Teleprompters, Video Editing Tables, Chroma Keys and Continuous Lighting and Soft Boxes for highly professional results.

Formación a Profesorado y Personal Técnico

Training for Teachers and Technical Staff

We have years of experience in virtualization projects for educational programs. We apply the neuro-education so that the audiovisual production of training content has a favorable result and the effectiveness of the face-to-face classes.