Ka / Ku, 4G Band Transmissions and DSNG Vehicles

Terrestrial or Wireless connectivity for all your audiovisual needs

We offer the most complete services in video transmission by different ways that fit your budget, all operated by a technical team with international experience that responds to the most critical demands of events or news that are broadcasted in strict direct.

So you can transmit from a single camera (an ENG (electronic news gathering) with a camera and the device to the back (4G backpack), perform an average event (up to 3 cameras + computer signal), but with low cost) Or HD mobile unit (for configurations of 4 or more cameras).

Transmisión Audiovisual Banda KA

KA and KU Band Satellite Transmission

We have the transmission of audiovisual contents through IP technology combined with satellite. We are pioneers in this technology that reduces transmission costs without loss of quality. Our mobility teams (IPSNG) allow you to transmit from anywhere by placing them wherever you need to transmit video, either for commercial events or for important news.

Existen alternativas para transmitir con PC de Cerevo, Livestream y Teradek

4G Transmission

We have the most advanced technology in mobility with the ability to transmit audiovisual content through the 4G mobile phone network. We have thousands of accumulated hours of service and experience, and we produce transmissions with various technologies supported by the 4G network when it is necessary to mobilize with the protagonists of the news or the event on the location, which we integrate with Reporters and ENG Cameras in mobility for interviews in Events or any event that occurs at any point in the geography.

Unidades Móviles DSNG

DSNG Mobile Units (Digital Satellite News Gathering)

We have vehicles designed for the retransmission of audiovisual contents by satellite and we have the technical team skilled in audiovisual engineering so that the process of capturing the audio and video are sent by satellite in an efficient way and at a very competitive cost.