Streaming Services

The most competitive Direct Transmission for your project, without any fails and 100% safe.

We present our services of live transmission with the most advanced technology and we support its productions getting all the installation and equipment and we take care of all the technological complexity.

Our streaming services have easy connection with the end user in mind, from any device and with a number of unlimited connections.

We work with the best technicians, cameras and equipment so that your live transmissions can be enjoyed with the best focus, the highest sharpness, the highest speed and high definition Full HD and up to 4K.

We record and distribute your company’s video signals in real time. It is done in rigorously and direct with a continuous signal, without interruption. In addition, you can configure privacy, whether you choose a public setting (on social networks like Facebook Live, YouTube, Hangouts, Twitter Periscope) or private (on a private portal via a Content Delivery Network) that only displays content under the control of users with secure access.

Streaming Multicámara

Multi-camera Video Streaming

Various configurations for your live broadcasts

We have recording equipment with multiple cameras so that its transmission does not lose any detail in terms of hue, shade and tint. Our filmmaking team works synchronized and is always ready to select the most suitable close-up at all times.

YouTube Facebook Twitch

Professional Streaming for Social Networks

Live broadcasts by Youtube, Facebook Live, Twitch and Twitter Periscope

Our professionals can transmit your event simultaneously in any of the public distribution networks; on several platforms at once. We use moderation tools in real time so that the interaction with the public is accurate throughout the event.

Streaming integrado

Streaming integrated with various video sources

Composition of the final signal with presentations in any format such as Powerpoint, Adobe PDF, etc.

In addition to the different cameras, we integrate in real time any content from external video sources such as PCs (Windows or Apple Mac), Laptops (all models and video outputs), PowerPoint presentations, DVDs, Skype, Hangouts, Smartphones with WhatsApp video and a long etcetera.

Streaming por CDN

Private transmissions by any Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The most solid and secure infrastructures for your private streaming covering any demand

We have agreements with the major global video signal distributors (CDNs) such as Akamai, Amazon, CDN77, Level3, so that your audiovisual content reaches all of its users on a solid infrastructure that covers the entire planet, with no capacity limitation and In a responsive format that adapts the transmission signal to all kinds of devices, from mobiles and tablets to large screens.

Locutor de Streaming


The best presenters for your live broadcasts

We have both young and experienced staff with many years of knowledge on the radio broadcasting environment totally capable to dominate the techniques to face any situation on a live broadcast and to make enjoy your audience on any event.

Titulación para streaming

Static and animated subtitles in 2D / 3D

We generate a visual impact with titles and lower thirds in real time.

We show relevant information in real time about the transmission, such as name of presenters and protagonists, credits and in the case of sporting events we show markers and any relevant information.

Cabeceras de programa para streaming


We design the headers for your program, generating a great expectation of the live broadcast

We have the best designs in 2D and 3D animations for your streaming and give them a 100% professional touch to the highest standard comparable to TV channels with very high budgets.

Sincronización de Audio para Streaming

Synchronized audio with simultaneous translation capability with language channel selection

Accuracy in the synchronization on the audio and the video for your transmissions, so that they can be seen and listened without any jumps or delays.

Our streaming solutions are designed keeping in mind the very high importance of having microphone audio and music in perfect synchrony, checking the audio at all times and controlling the levels to enjoy the audio as if you were in the same place. We also have the possibility to integrate simultaneous translation to the streaming and to be able to select the receiving audio channel.

Streaming Social con interacción del público

Social Streaming with Audience Interaction

We display on-screen Chats, Tweets, Comments and Real-Time Interactive Voting Systems.

We integrate a wide range of systems for interaction with the public in real time and we show them on screen to make the audience active at all times, participating in the live streaming from their own smartphones.