We offer you different means to support your project economically over time. As experts, we can study your content business model and offer you the different ways for online exploitation that are appearing in new formats for new generations of content consumers.

Pay per view

PPV (Pay Per View) with Micropayments

In the most common cases of subscribing to different clubs, we offer you the possibility to protect your content by user and password by setting up your personalized web portal with a database of subscribers who pay for viewing content on time or monthly. Content viewing can be immediate, with 100% secure payments with all Credit Cards, Paypal or by payment with SMS messages, from any device and with the security that the content will not be downloaded or modified.



WebTVs are an excellent promotional tool for your company that allows you to create your own Internet TV channel, with its own logo and corporate identity, without relying on other content platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. In addition to displaying content on video, you can use different sections or banners in your web portal to display content from advertisers related to your brand.



Another possibility for monetization is sponsorship with ads embedded in your content during broadcasts. As in traditional television, we can configure your programming so that it has advertising spaces, be it the typical 20 seconds duration spots or banners embedded on the sides of the screen during the transmissions.

Sitios de Membresía

Membership Sites with user and password protection

If you have a wide catalog of video content, we can install and configure a website where we publish in different sections and, depending on the profile of the subscribers, we give different levels access to the users as they have paid content.

Monetización Social

Social Monetization (YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope)

We are experts in Digital Marketing in Social Networks and Video SEO, SEM and Web Analytics, and as such, we offer you all our experience for your online content strategy to implement tactics in your video channels in social networks, with best practices in the market and competing for the audience with the best channels in Spain and Latin America with Spanish language content.

Google Adsense

Google AdSense

If you do not have advertisers, or you do not have them yet and you are marketing your space, Google AdSense allows you to configure your portal to be able to participate as advertising space for the Google AdWords advertising system, as do the great media to monetize content and starting From small configurations that can grow and scale with no limits.


Affiliate Marketing (Performance-based Marketing)

Affiliate networks are one of the most innovative and promising monetization models. They are already giving solid results, in many cases multi-million dollar outcomes in countries like the United States. They consist in recommending products and services related to the content that is being broadcasted. This system gives you the opportunity to reach agreements for sales of third-party products in exchange for a commission for products purchased through the internet; without any doubt, the most profitable monetization system that encompasses the entire business cycle, from promotion to closing sales.