Audiovisual Services for you Productions needs

Talent, Technology, Experience and Innovation for your audiovisual needs.


Our mission is to help you communicate more effectively and with greater impact. We have been experts for more than 20 years in production and television production, so we want to help you in the technical organization and the execution of your production, whether is television or different types of events.

We give you our advice to boost your productions. We understand the production of videos as the new way to reach goals, with increasing need and popularity for communication from employees, customers, suppliers, institutions, corporations and other companies.

We have the best professionals and techniques to organize and take care of events of all types and dimensions. An extensive team of highly qualified professionals, with different profiles such as Lighting, Mixer, Director, Camera Operators, Teleprompter Operators, Performers and Video Operators.

Our services start from the accompaniment in the identification of your technical needs and the objectives that you want to achieve. And then technology does its part.



We prepare, assemble and dismantle the lighting of the stages for the different presentations and events of your company, as well as program and control the lighting during the live show so you do not miss any detail of your productions.



We capture, mix and produce audio in all kinds of productions, from the simplest configurations of locution with basic microphone, to live musical environments of greater demand. We take care of the sound of your events, shows, concerts, auditions, and if required, also recording and mixing in our studios.

Proyección LED


Our audiovisual projection systems are specially designed for those clients who wish to incorporate the highest viewing technology to enjoy every detail of the show. We have LED display systems, high luminescence projectors for all environments and innovative videowall and video mapping systems. We have high contrast outdoor LED displays in various formats, for indoor and outdoor events, with excellent resolution, brightness and high contrast that provide a superior quality experience and spectacular visibility in any situation.

Grabación Audiovisual


Whether to save a record for later editing, or for retransmission in simulated direct transmission, we have professional equipment so that the audiovisual material source and raw production is stored for different uses.

Traducción Simultánea

Simultaneous translation


We install translation systems and capture the source audio and our native interpreters receive the signal (audio and image) and translate it into the requested languages. At all times we monitor the retransmission with an audio technician in the room and the different signals return to the event, where they are automatically distributed to the receivers or via a mobile app on their smartphones. At that time, attendees select the language channel and receive simultaneous interpretation.

Unidad Móvil de Realización

Mobile Realization Unit

With the possibility to configure from 3 to 36 cameras, we offer the possibility of mobile units to take on the production work on any existing HD format, with the best equipment on the market and adapting to the needs and budgets for each case.


Reports and Information Coverages ENG (Electronic News Gathering)

We are where breaking news is produced, responding immediately by moving with ENG (Electronic News Gathering) cameras, offering the possibility to edit video on the ground in real time and live transmission. Our IPSNGs are there where the events are produced to offer you the coverage you need with the most competitive prices.

Fotografía y Filmación Aérea con Drones

Photography and Air Filming with Drones

We evolve with the new technologies and covering a myriad of possibilities hitherto only achievable for large budgets in air video recording. We have state-of-the-art equipment to meet any challenge, from small and lightweight camera drones for fast budget projects, to large multi-rotors with high capacity, capable of raising DSLR cameras. We use in all cases the highest tech radio controlled drones, with remote monitor and advanced stabilization systems and GPS navigation which makes the recording is 100% safe.

Fotografía y Vídeo 360

Photography and 360 Video

We are pioneers in the management of 360 degree video and high resolution panoramic photography gigapan, producing for the first time in Spain the first journalistic and advertising works applying this new technology. We focus on storytelling above all else and put at the service of history the best technology and our experience to achieve the best possible 360 immersion.

Diseño y Grafismo de Títulos y Cabeceras

2D / 3D Titles and Headings Design and Graphics

We put 2D and 3D Design within reach of all projects, with headers, reels and impressive titling templates that can be adapted to any project or for more specific projects, we build from 0 to customized graphics.